Rail Inventory Management System: RIMS

RIMS is a Web-based service that allows railroad inventory managers to perform their job faster and easier. Federal reporting requirements have driven data management and the development of RIMS from the 2008 Rail Safety Improvement Act to the 2015 update of the National Highway Rail Crossing Inventory Reporting Requirements. RIMS personnel are experts in the highway-rail crossing safety industry and designed RIMS from the ground up to meet specific crossing safety program requirements.

RIMS Features:

  • Comply with the 2015 National Highway Rail Crossing Inventory Reporting Requirements
  • Real-time data validation ensures FRA submission acceptance
  • Hosted as a Web-based service
  • Perform data entry on most internet enabled devices
  • Integrated Web mapping
  • Print inventory forms with highlighted changes
  • Download your data at any time in many formats
  • Rate crossings using data driven index functions
  • Permissions based user access
  • Integrated QA/QC processes and tracking
  • Share data and communicate with collaborating state or railroad agencies
RIMS Workflow
Mobile Data Collection

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